Gründer von Kickletics.


Barto's Leidenschaft für funktionelles Training und Kampfsport ist ansteckend. Der studierte Sportwissenschafter ist ein Vulkan der Motivation mit 17-jähriger Kampfsporterfahrung und Schwarzgurt. Expect High Intensity Training & next level Kicks.


From buzzing Hong Kong, Agnes is pure positive energy. When she is not winning gold medals in rope skipping she coaches others to achieve their goals. Her motto is: "It does not matter where and when you start, it matters how badly you want to achieve your goal". 


From France, Mathieu is a former professional athlete and High Intensity Workouts are in his blood. He loves to push people beyond their limits. He will kick you into shape in no time.


Stephie findet ihr auf der Trainingsfläche und überall sonst wo KICKLETICS draufsteht. Sie lebt KICKLETICS und den gesunden Lebensstil.


From Sydney Australia, Rowan is an awesome boxing coach who loves to make training fun an exciting. He is really passionate about fitness and helping people reach their goals.

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